August 13, 2013

XapParse, five years on

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Aaargh, I just lost my post… so I’m writing it again… here’s the short and slightly-pissed-off version.

About five years ago I wrote a bit of C# code for parsing XAP format XACT files, for use (for example) in an XNA build process. I called it XapParse, and made it available on CodePlex.

Five years on, XapParse is (a) embarrassingly bad, I really didn’t know C# very well back then; and (b) probably too limited for anyone to actually use (even though (c), no-one will anyway, because XNA is dead and the Microsoft Thought Police will probably hunt me down just for talking about it, and MonoGame, which is awesome, isn’t supporting XACT, which is disappointing but understandable).

But whether anyone uses it or not, it was still pretty terrible and had my name on it and it was keeping me awake at night. So I rewrote it.

It turns out CodePlex and SVN are also both pretty bad, and an hour of trying to upload the new version (and getting nothing but obscure impenetrable error messages) ended with me rage-deleting XapParse from CodePlex. Hmm.

Anyway… that leaves me with an updated version of XapParse and nowhere to put it. So I’ve put it here. Even though I know no-one will use it, thanks to the aforementioned tragic death of XNA. But anyway, it’s right there if you want it; maybe someone will find it useful, there’s certainly a lot you could do with it if you were so inclined.



April 13, 2009

How not to render 3D graphics

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Heh. Just had to link this because I’ve been there too many times! I think I’ve probably encountered most of these:

… with the addition of “you’re using XNA and have forgotten it’s a right-handed coordinate system”, thanks to Parm for reminding me of that one!

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