Like thousands of people across the world, all I ever wanted to do my whole life was make computer games for a living. I did that, and had a good time, and released a number of games I’m very proud of (Kameo: Elements of Power and Viva Pinata being the main two, though I also worked on a few other games that either aren’t out yet or didn’t earn me a credit).

Eventually though I realised I’d get paid a lot more money and have to work a lot less stupid hours if I was developing software outside the games industry. I’d already done what I’d always wanted to do; so I’ve moved on, and I’m now developing non-games code and enjoying it.

I say I’m enjoying it and that’s true, but I can’t pretend I don’t miss the knowledge that the final product of what I’m working on won’t just be efficient, usable and correct, but fun as well. So every now and then I work on games at home, using C# and XNA, and I will be sharing some of my experiences, opinions and knowledge here. This blog will be updated at irregular intervals (making games is but one of several hobbies I have!) but I hope that you can find some useful information here.

Posts will all be related to games development in some way. Themes will include comments on the games industry, techniques for developing game software, C# and XNA, and my forthcoming XNA game, Pandemonium. I intend to make some of my code freely and publically available; hopefully you’ll get some benefit from it. In all cases, let me know what kind of stuff works for you and what doesn’t. Have fun!


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